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Happy Monday!!!! There is something that I absolutely have to share with  you. Instagram has allowed has allowed many fashion entrepreneur designers to skip steps in the marketing world and sell their products, custom pieces, even celebrity inspired pieces for reasonably prices to help the average everyday budget consumer. Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity endorse or cosign for a product that you seen on Instagram and now your convinced the seller page is legit?

Ok good !

Now that I have your attention this is the exciting part…. with all the rumors of scams  dealing with online purchases and boutiques I took a leap of faith and  purchased my first outfit online at a boutique name dleesweets and I must say I love this outfit! As you can see I purchased a 2piece black
white and red set its a form fitting body con that is comfortable sexy and shows off my curves!



I’m always online searching for great buys & discounts. However who said being sexy had to have a high price tag? When you go out you should feel like you walked straight out of a photoshoot!! Sexy clothing for any woman who’s fashion forward makes her  have more of an enhanced self-confidence and willingness to steal the spotlight!

Since then I’ve been hooked; Heres other boutiques that I recently purchased from and will update with pictures soon !! Check them out

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