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Bobby shmurda Pending a 8-25 year sentence

bs1Lets clear the air I’ve seen rumors saying that Bobby Shmurda is dead, has been shot, has broken out of jail and so on and so forth. Now lets talk Facts…

Bobby Shmurda and 13 other members of GS9 were arrested Wednesday Dec. 17, 2014 at Quad Studios in New York City, while 21 weapons were found and seized. His bond was set at $2 million dollars, which his record label epic records is willing to pay.  These individuals were indicted on 69 charges total. Some including murder, attempted murder, assault, and weapon possession. Bobby shmurda aka Ackquille Pollard was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminally using drug paraphernalia, reckless endangerment and conspiracy in the 2nd and 4th degree.

Shmurda is due back in court on Jan. 29. If found guilty he will serve a 8-25 year sentence. So lets save our opinions until then…

Bobby jumped onto the scene this year with his infamous Shmoney Dance that coincided with his viral hit “Hot N***a”, which was originally a freestyle over Lloyd Banks’ “Jackpot” record, if you never saw this video now your chance as well as Lloyd Banks’ “Jackpot” and you tell me who did it better !

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