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Mostly all resolutions that are made are has something to do with weight right. You are sitting there on New Years Eve and your like  “I’m going to start working out” I’m going to eat better” and then it hits you the whole year has passed and you haven’t picked up a carrot or a dumbbell ! This is definitely me!! (sad face) I wanted to explore contouring your body. Last year generation was so caught up with Curves. Having the coca cola figure, wearing waist trainers, butt lifters. If you haven’t seen them where have you been lol! Joking.. lmao any way they have been have been endorsed by celebrities all over and they are claiming that it works. So I’m going to put these urban vixen workout regimes to the test!

I chose to start with bodynomics. Which is endorsed by buffie the body. a vixen who has been in the game since day one. check out a clip below

bodynomics is a regimen specialized  to tone and sculpt my body, not necessarily to lose the numbers on the scale. this workout seems intense however it is  targeting specific areas. i am a strong believer in  finding out what works for you to keep you motivated is the key to achieving the body that you desire as well as not feeling as if you are actually working out. I hate working out! So this is for all my readers who hate working out . I want to find fun ways to make you feel sexy targeting areas that you want to flaunt.

Every week I’ll post up my results and how crazy this emotional work out roller coaster will be 😊

To get more information on bodynomics visit their website

IG Bodynomics

Stay tuned !!

Check out other celebrities that wear waist clinchers!!








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