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Women of your Dreams

Take a second and think the woman of your dreams as beautiful as she may be

has just the right amount of attitude and class so sophisticated, yup that’s she.

She has your heart in the palm of her hand, she has you working towards your dreams ,she motivates you, pushes you, she’s the woman of your dreams.

You go about your day thinking everything ok until you wake up one day and everything has changed. 

Her walk is different ,her smile is different ,she kisses you different, you ask her is she ok and she replies she’s fine .. Rolls her eyes and utter words under her breath ,in a short reply.

so now your thinking to yourself ,she having an off day.

Things seem like they are back to normal nothing has gone astray. Your back to your daily routines ,and you treat today like yesterday … But how do you know that she’s okay ? Did you do something to make her smile today

 The woman of your dreams plays her part so well that it got you messed up about what’s fake and what’s real … And now even more time have passed , months years even and finally it hits you ….

She’s just the woman of your dreams

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Entrepreneur, Blogger, DD0pe Media Personality.

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