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Prison B*TCH

In 1996, at the age of twenty-six, I got locked up for the first time ever in history! I’ve never been locked Up before however my dad and I use to watch prison movies and cops all the time. Any way I was dating a man named Jerome, he was twenty-four. We’ve known each other for eight years, and had been sexual for the last two . The attraction was between us was mutual. Jerome lived with his mother, who’d never approved of our relationship. She believed that I was corrupting her son . She had been vocal about her objections on a number of occasions, but we continued to see each other.

Until one night his moms decided to call the cops and press charges

Jerome had been diagnosed with a learning disability as a child. Jerome was fully independent . His biggest down fall was when he tried to use big words he mixed them up a lot, and he had a speech impediment other than that he seemed completely normal.

No one thought there was anything wrong with him. Not according to Jerome’s mother; and, more crucially, not according to the law.

Any way she called the cops on me and showed them documents from the doctor that claimed that her son was retarded and being taken advantage of, sexually, by Me …

All I could think was if her son is happy why couldn’t she be happy as well any way one thing my father taught me was never to belligerent with authority so as he read me my rights he hand cuff me and escorted me to the car . Shortly thereafter, I was charged with Non-forcible sex, and Sodomy a crime that carries a 15 to 25 year prison term if convicted.

My lawyer advised him to plea bargain: although he had absolutely no criminal record, My lawyer felt that the jury would sympathize with my man and his mother, thinking that a retarded man had been, in effect, repeatedly raped over the course of two years. The plea bargain sentence was four to twelve years, with a good probability of parole at the low end.

While locked up They put me in a large cell with a bunch of guys I clearly didn’t belong. Two really big guys approached me. The guard was aware of what was happening. But didn’t show that he cared he had a face like I’m about to get of in 5 minutes look 😒. The two men started demanding cigarettes from me which I didn’t have. They started slapping me around and telling me that I had to give them some Lucy’s or I’m a dead man. A guard walked by the cell and told them to quiet down. As soon as he turned his back they started hitting me pretty hard.

I might have been able to defend myself against one, but I was no match for the two of them. The bigger guy his friend called him chaser told me that if I sucked his dick he would leave me alone for the rest of my time here. I thought about it for a while and decided that it would be better to do that than to be beaten up by these guys more & more everyday!!. Mistake number two. I was scared as hell and didn’t know what to do and they knew it. I started to do what they told me to do.

Even though I did what they told me to do it was not enough. It got more and more brutal and humiliating. Soon I was forced to perform oral sex on the other one. While chaser sat on me. He lifted my legs and I was penetrated anally. 😣😫They suddenly turn into the racists. They forced themselves on me more than once, and I can never be sure, but believe there was a third man. My eyes and lips were swollen from the beating. I could barely do what they asked of me .I was bleeding from my anus & my face looked crazy I had black eye n lumps all over. They finally stopped when I vomited after one of the men ejaculated and urinated in my mouth.

The next day I was supposed to see the judge. For some reason I was still afraid to call my parents. I was visited by one of the corrections officers who didn’t seem to care much I’m sure he knew I was raped and he helped me clean up. I was handcuffed with a lot of other men and we rode in the same truck with the steel seats to the courthouse. At the courthouse I spoke with my court appointed lawyer and started to tell him the story but he didn’t seem to care. When I got into the courtroom my lawyer asked for bail and it was set at $1000 my friend bailed me out, but it was much too late.


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