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Slayed Queens Stylist

So you know a good stylist is hard to come by, and I’ve been on a journey… However when I’m in Queens I will look no further.  I’m on a hunt of getting my full fledge sexy on for 2015, and I’m off to a good start. Let me tell you, I’m going through my friend’s list I found this amazing hair stylist on the gram!!!!!  IG name is xox.oh.  I wanted to try a closure for the first time I’ve seen too many people with closures that look amazing and recently my hair started breaking due putting heat and tight weaves. I noticed my natural hair started to basically fall out. This has always been something celebrities talked about on interviews. Weaves will mess up your edges, your natural hair will start thinning because of heat damage to your hair with out the proper moisture. I usually always get full head weaves however they usually take like 4-5 hours to be finished and xox.oh cut that time in half. She finished my hair in about 2 hours or less.

The Process

She had a braider that sat me down and braided my natural hair in corn rolls. Then she put on a wig cap, which at first I thought that I wouldn’t like, because I felt like my hair would sweat underneath, and with sweat brings smell. She reassured me that the cap wouldn’t affect washing my hair. You can select bookings on or contact

Xox.oh on Instagram and tell her Doobie_d33 sent you 😉

End Result

Here’s a picture of the first day I got it done

Installed 3 Bundles ’18 ’20’ ’22 and a Closure ’16



After 1 month & 2 Washes




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