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5 Reasons You Should Cook For Your Man

Cooking can be extremely sexy and it can definitely help you get your way in the relationship and even the bedroom. Read on to see how you can make this cooking thing work for you.

choclate cake

You can put him on a diet.

We all know in relationships people get comfortable. He might have gained a few pounds but that’s ok! Because of your in control of the kitchen as of now, what ever you cook he has to eat.

You can eat whatever you want.

Does he always tell you what he is in the mood for? Now he doesn’t have a choice. I’m more than a million percent sure if you cook he won’t eat elsewhere, I mean unless you’re a bad cook. LMAO! if its good he’ll be satisfied with what ever you put in front of him. If you feel like being like Homer and eating all day ever day God Dammit you deserve to, after all, you cooked it!

You can role play, if Betty Crocker is your thing — or his.

You’re busy and you rarely have time for this shit, but humor him just this once and tie on that apron he got you as a gag gift last Valentine’s Day. After all, it was a gag gift.animalnewyork

You can force romance on him.

Since you’re in charge of dinner, why not be a little sexy. Light some candles. Throw a sexy comforter in the middle of the living room and feed him on the floor. Add your favorite slow jams, Set the mood


You can guilt him into doing the dishes.

The absolute worst part of cooking is those awful dishes that accumulate in the sink. Gross. This is the perfect opportunity to use your “I cooked dinner” card. “Babe, I spent hours cooking this dinner and I’m so tired, do you mind doing the dishes for me?” Any man who answers “no” to that question doesn’t deserve a home cooked meal, let alone a girlfriend. Get out of there…fast.


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