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New Face of Real Rap Flex Cooper

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Few hip hop artist  can claim to have broken so much new territory, and maintain such consistent brilliance on a record. Being a man of many talents from producing, promoting, mixing and writing his own music.  On the Come up Straight out of Jamaica Queens is Flex Cooper. I had the luxury to sit down with this queens native, An artist who has a story to tell in his music. Many artist today want to sell tracks for popularity and few still rhyme and freestyle for the art and the passion of hip hop, and Flex Cooper here to change all of that. He is here to change the game. He says in his music you will here a words of ambition, passion like back in the day hip hop. Check out what he had to say:

Who is Flex Cooper

I’m pretty straight forward guy and you can tell the type of person I am from jump. I would say people think I’m a nice guy or soft. however when things get grimy I’m the first 1090 . Don’t be surprised I like to be underestimated . When I lived in Cali I learned a lot about my self and got into hood affairs, however I learned to focus all that energy on the music , & not the streets or beef. I joke around a lot , and my friends mean a lot to me . I couldn’t have made it this far without them.

The Black Scholars Movement

We are a group that promotes excellence, all of us are working on different categories that have to do with entertainment. We want to be the best at it. For example we are Fashion designers ,Graphic designers photographers, producers,artist and engineers. Black represent Power and strength and we all are scholars at heart .

On your favorite Piece of work created so far? 

My favorite piece of work that I created has to be Creativ$oulz, which was my very first mix tape . I feel like it could have been an album but I didn’t wanna get sued, to do some samples and an industry beat. (Creativ$oulz)  A mixture of conscious rap and comedy with the hilarious skits that we added from 2009 .It was back when life was all fun a games . It’s just the transition from Queens NewYork to The Bay Area of California .

Advice you would give to other Underground Artist 

I just want to tell people to go hard and don’t stop chasing your dreams . Only thing stopping you is you . If you have talent and a good support behind you . It’s no reason why u should let someone bring you down. Pursuit of happiness, I do music to inspire, & prove to my peers that anything is possible .

On where you can find more of Flex’s Cooper Music (

Twitter :@flexcooperbs

Instagram :@flexcoupebs

Download Music on (

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