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Mary Jane Can Change To Power Of Reproduction 

Have you ever tried that Loud? Have you ever smoked weed with your partner? Have you ever reached that high where you guys came close to each other and while you’re kissing,your mind feel as if you’re playing a sex scene in your favorite movie? Do you believe that getting high before having sex can give you that mind blowing intimacy/experience that humans need and crave daily? Fusion recently reported on the weed could change the future of sex. People are always looking for the next best thing or way they could their relationship with their partner. Many people say that Cannabis is a  sexual aphrodisiac so why not explore. Scientist have not found any complication with the plant for how many centuries, as well as its been around for so many years, and it hasn’t killed anyone right?

Here some details that was interesting:

On What can pot do in bed? “With the right strain and dosage, it can slow down time, making every touch feel more intense, every kiss more passionate. For some people with sexual dysfunctions, it can make the unreachable reachable. And as with medical marijuana, those who stand to benefit extend beyond, say, whoever’s signing up for that new dating app for pot lovers .Take weed’s impact on the hippocampus, which controls memory: When under the influence of marijuana, our short-term memory becomes inhibited, Sulak said, making sex feel longer and allowing us to “stay in the moment” rather than worry about that unpaid electric bill.”

On Is pot really a love drug? “it wasn’t until the 1970s and 80s when pot was making a comeback into American culture that U.S. researchers James Halikas, Ronald Weller, and others conducted multiple studies that seemingly proved marijuana’s aphrodisiac effects. Participants in these studies reported enhanced touch, heightened intimacy, stronger orgasms, and better sex in general. As more states legalize the drug, pot researchers and advocates hope funding will follow.”

The end all be all ? “Nothing is perfect, especially not weed.Marijuana is a complicated plant that contains between 450 and 500 alkaloids—chemical compounds that have very different physiological effects on humans, warned Estelle Goldstein, a psychiatrist in San Diego. “It dares modern pharmacological research to solve its mysteries,” she said”

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So the next time you and you BaE want to do something different I suggest “Loud Pack” J and a couple songs that are nice to blaze to

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