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Grenco Science Gpen Pro

I recently wanted to try a vaporizer pen, I tried bowls, papers, and hookahs; you name it. High is life . Anyway I came across the Grenco Science, G-Pen Pro . They have collaborated with well-known celebrities such as Taylor gang (Wiz Khalifa) and Snoop Dogg.

You can ordered it online from

Photo Credit: Gpen Pro black scale 9/4/15

Photo Credit: Gpen Pro black scale 9/4/15

My Experience

The Good: The G Pro Herbal vaporizer sports three pre-set temperature settings, giving you more options for a better vaping experience. It can reach 320°F for Red, 380°F for Green and 420°F for Blue. It contains about 0.6 grams of dried herb as well as the prolong session last quite a while. This is good news for beginners who want to get a true vaporizer as well as minimize the smell of the Loud. It also good to travel with ,it fits into just about any and everything.


The Bad: The highest temperature setting makes the unit a little too hot especially during prolonged vamping sessions. Shuts off after 3-5 minutes of usage and the hit isn’t as strong as if you would roll up in papers or dutches.


The Bottom Line: It’s a portable vaporizer, that last just about all day. Overall I travel with this everyday all day. It definitely was added to the list of things I cannot leave my home without. The Gpro gives off a proactive buzz, that wont put you on your ass.. I had a little trouble getting a good hit consistently, but after a while it something you can get use to.


If you vape on the highest setting like I do, then expect to wait closer to 90 sec more for the device to heat up. in addition don’t pull too hard trying to get heavy smoke, it will give you a headache.

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