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Who Said You Couldn’t Be An Influential Successful Herbalist

Could it be? Is smoking marijuana a regular thing now? Like drinking a glass of wine while you watch your favorite shows on television.   Marijuana doesn’t change who you are as a person, I believe it brings out your natural characteristics. Those who use this as an excuse are the ones preventing themselves from accomplishing their goals in life, not their recreational habits. You’re an embolus.

Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a household where drugs are bad, by any means necessary, Never even seen marijuana until I was in my mid 20’s.

So I asked myself Can you be successful in your career and your life and still be a happy stoner?!

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson won 11 championships as a coach and two as a player. He almost never got a shot at coaching, though, because he readily admitted to smoking dope during his playing days. Jackson wrote, a memoir about his days playing in the NBA. Among other things, Jackson spoke frankly about marijuana usage and experimentation with LSD.


Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter in human history.

Legend has it that Bob Dylan turned the Beatles on to pot in 1964 and Paul was by his own account a regular user through 2012.

My point is that he did smoke pot while creating one of the richest musical legacies of all time.


Morgan Freeman: Is of the most inspiring person in black entertainment. He is an American actor, film director, and narrator. Freeman appeared as God in the hit film Bruce Almighty and its sequel. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, in 2007 he starred in The Bucket List, besides Jack Nicholson. he got into smoking marijuana because of his wife and doesn’t understand why it’s not legalized.

He knows first hand about the positive medicinal benefits, from suffering from fibromyalgia pain in his arm. He consumes it however it comes; whether it’s smoking, sniffing or snorting he says he feels relief after hitting a joint.

rihanna-daily mailRihanna-smokes


Ri RI just doesn’t give a fuck, Rihanna is confident she know who she is and where she is going, She goes on the red carpet with no filter, whether it’s a see-through gown, or going Goth, she owns her style and she doesn’t care what other people thinks. Her music is a judgment-free zone where expressing your sexuality won’t undermine your power or diminish your worth. Rihanna is beautiful, talented, and extremely successful, but she’s also human. She’s made mistakes and she’s made them publicly. It’s part of her aura, her soul, watching someone struggle with a significant status quo and find their way back to a happy place is inspiring. Flawed role models are the best kind.


Miley Cyrus As we no Miley Cyrus is not the best role model, however, she is very successful and she’s a gratified stoner. That is my point. Let’s break down the basics. For starters, she has an enormous fan base. Believe it or not, The video for Wrecking Ball topped the charts, making it Miley’s first No. 1 hit. Hannah Montana The Movie was produced in 2009 with a budget of $30 million and it was a huge success as it posted $155,545,279 in sales. That’s just talking about one movie. Miley is smart and talented and living life the way it should be Get ya money boo boo..


Bob Marley

Bob Marley was the man, he had saying Live for yourself and you will in vain and if you live for others you will live again, he believed in pure happiness, not riches, health is wealth, he was truly the last of his kind In short, Bob Marley smoked marijuana because he practiced the Rastafarian religion, wherein the use of “ganja” (the Rastafarian term for marijuana, taken from an old Sanskrit word) is a holy sacrament.

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