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Fashion Stylist Kabrea Thomas Launches her meet and greet fashion show

Have you ever had a problem keeping up with the trends or if you plain just can’t manage to find a style that fits you and your personality, you may be in need of a stylist! In the Fashion world of today, it takes more than just matching and confidence to stay up to date and fashion stylist Kabrea Thomas is here to help.

DD0pe: How did you get inspired to name your business Fashionably Yours, and why?

Kabrea: I always used the name as a signature, so it kind of stuck with me. It really catchy and describes the personality about my image consulting company

DD0pe: How long have you been in business?

Kabrea: Next January will make it 3 years

DD0pe: Have you collaborated with in designers or artist talents? Would you be interested in styling NYFW?

Kabrea: Actually yes I have, I’ve done photo shoots and collaborated with a few designers. I collaborated with videographers, photographers, and models I’ve done small collaborations for photo shoots, however, this is the biggest collaboration I’ve done. I would definitely be interested in styling for New York fashion week. I just love the styling, whether it’s photo shoots or just for my clients.

DD0pe: Is it difficult to keep up with the trends of everyday fashion

Kabrea: I get to know my clients, as well as their personality. I want to find out what do they like. As well as what styles they are trying to accomplish. I like to ask what colors do you like; do you want to stay away from stripes, or add color into your wardrobe, or an overall whole new transformation. As far as trends, I like to keep my client up to date with the latest patterns and styles like layering your clothes.

The hardest thing about being a fashion stylist is making sure everyone is happy and on the same page while keeping me happy at the same time.

Fashionably yours has three consultation packages that are customized for every kind of shopper. Packages include One stop and shop, Personal Shopper, and an Online Stylist, and if you are still unsure they have a trial consultation trial consultation where each client receives feedback from the stylist based on each fitting during the trial consultation

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