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Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Fur Cuffs

Fur was one of the most sought-after trends last winter and presently, that craze has made its way into Fall 2015.

Cuffs were once seen as solely a small detail on a man’s dress shirt, but if you throw in a little fur you have now got yourself an upscale woman’s look that will make you the talk of the town.

Wearing a cuff, especially one made out of fur, during the fall may seem like an inane idea given the fact that fur has always been seen as a ‘winter’ material. Summer is beginning to fade, so no one wants to be sweating up a storm during the fall months. But much like the Cuffin’ Season concept, you are not required to commit to wearing a lengthy piece of fur on your cuffs. To jump on the trendy cuff bandwagon, all you need is a touch of fur on the sleeve of any item of your choosing.

As the saying goes, “a little bit, goes a long way.” Take dancer-turned-designer the late Don Loper, for example. His designs have been viewed as simple in concept, but remarkable in terms of execution. This Don Loper Black Long Sleeve Sheath dress currently retails for $1295 at select stores. It’s a pricey garment, but worth every penny. Even though it is a vintage 1960s dress, the peek-a-boo slits on its left side and those stunning cuffed sleeves give it a modern-day look and feel.

Adding a fur cuff to a dress, like the A lice + Olivia Adrianna Knit with Fox fur, can turn any ordinary outfit into a stellar statement piece in just a matter of seconds. This dress is a little more budget friendly, with a $367 price tag at Neiman Marcus and if you toss in a few gold accessories, you’re ready for a classy night out. The   A lice + Olivia Adrianna Knit is so popular, that it is currently sold-out online.  However, if you’re a fan of  the Alice + Olivia clothing line and fur, you can always grab the Winona Fur Combo Trench from the official website for a whopping $1298.

If wearing real fur isn’t your thing, then you can skip the fox and go for the faux. Though some may disagree, faux fur looks just like the authentic fur. Aside from being a cheaper option, faux fur is great because no animals are harmed in creating items made from it.

Forever21 is always keeping its ears to the ground for new trends, so it’s no surprise that they would sell this trendy Faux Fur Trimmed A-line coat.  Despite the description, this double-breasted jacket is lightweight; thereby making it a great addition to any fall wardrobe. The tortoiseshell buttons coupled with the faux fur cuffs and collar can fool any passerby into thinking you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this jacket when in reality it only retails for less than $100.

And if you’re worried that keeping up with this fur-embellished trend could do some major damage to your pockets, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s an alternative method. Several fabric shops carry faux fur material, so you can easily design your own fur cuffs and add them to your outfits accordingly.

The fur cuff trend has come and gone many times over, but with its newfound popularity fashionistas will agree that it may stick around a little bit longer.  
Don’t forget to elevate your wardrobe this season by adding a little fur!


Written by DD0pe Contributor Sharon Carter


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