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“The Top 10 Books For November 2015”


  “books bring wings to the soul, flight to the imagination and life to everything in between”

It’s that time of the years guys – – – book season. As we prepare our minds, hearts and calendars towards the countdown until Thanksgiving. It would also be a great idea to grab some top reads to indulge into for the holidays. Winter is approaching it’s the perfect weather to cuddle up with these amazing  book. Books are a quick getaway to explore horizons and places you’ll probably never see. However, that’s our little secret! The benefits of reading are limitless and ultimately beneficial for everyone.

So here are the top 10 books that I feel are great to read for the month of November . . .

  1. A Cheating Man’s Heart” by Derrick Jaxn – a book on the emotional troubles of men from the perspective of the author himself. It explores many questions women tend to have about men. So get it ladies and gents . . Definitely an excellent reading this month.
  2. What She Feels” by Chidozie Osuwa – 200 pages of the realest emotions told from the perspective of women but written by a man. Not another poetry book but actually every emotion a woman has ever experienced or felt while in love or in pain, but could never actually put into words. This is a reflection of who women wish to be. This is packing up your bags and realizing enough is enough. This is looking at the situation from the outside looking in. This is the scarred heart of too many women.  This book its a “MUST” have.
  3. Game Recognize Game” by Terry Deron – A book on the games women and men play when actively dating. The book contains different scenarios from a male and female perspective. It’s a good read definitely one where you will be sipping your tea like . . . “Wait, What?”
  4. “Letters to Young Black Men” by Daniel Whyte III – Great read for our black brothers! It’s about black communities and how African-Americans as a unit can work together to unite things and make things better. It discusses the decisions men make when they’re young and how those decisions impact men in the long run. An influential book to read as we embark upon a new year.
  5. “Chasing Destiny” by Eric Jerome Dickey –  A pursuit of interchangeable realities that sometimes what’s best is not actually possible. Definitely a book that will have you guessing and questioning life.
  6. “Baby Brother Blues”  by Pearl  Cleage – This book tackles many of the social issues in today’s society. It simply hands you a 360 eye view of the reality of the issues and the people causing them. The language and the urban life of the book bring you to Atlanta on a hot summer day. A read that allows you to explore life from your actual reality.
  7. “Mina’s Joint”  by Keisha Ervin – Hmm, a book on spellbinding love, family, money and scandal all in one. A television series in word form, it explains the life of the hood and the steps sometimes it takes to get out the hood. An amazing read considering the times we are living in today justifies the dreams and the rationality of it all. .
  8. The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours” by Jill Scott – not just another poem book but a touch at the soul that explores every ounce of emotion put into this book.  The book is an ecstatic, but the disciplined inspiration of love, money and weariness all wrapped up in words that utter praise.
  9. Mama Made the Difference” by T.D. Jakes – A ” New York Best Seller” a great read for the holidays as it explores life lessons from the standpoint of mothers everywhere and their influential impact on the differences, mother make. The building blocks of character please moms this is a MUST read for November as we embark on the holidays and the season of giving.
  10. Don’t Make a Black Women Take Off Her Earrings” by Tyler Perry – an amazing read if you are looking for a few laughs. It’s a sequence of vignettes in the persona of Madea, a bunch of homespun advice on love, sex and getting ahead in life. I hope you’re running to pick this book up!

I hope there was a book that will be a definite read as we embark on the holidays. I hope you can indulge in the delights of food, laughter, and a good read.

Now let’s get a book and sip this tea!


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