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Surviving SantaCon 2015

This was my absolute first time going to SantaCon. Around this time, Christmas and New Years holidays cheer and spirit are at an all time high, and my friend and I wanted to  hit the streets to see all the everyone raves about. What is also so amazing about this SantacCon was the weather! It was so warm outside, hardly anyone was wearing a coat. Although this was my first SantaCon I picked up on a few things I think you would like to know, in case you decide to go yourself. #SurvivingSantaCon

1. Despite the crazy weather, we been having. Bring a coat Never know when it may snow

2. Can’t go anywhere without your G-pen

2. Dress Up, Dress up! Don’t just be a spectator be a part of the fun

3. Have Fun .. why not everyone else is

4. If you do get drunk in public, you should get into a fight with other Santa’s then run into a Santa crowd and blend in… see why it pays to dress up 🙂

5. Take Pictures and record the moment, Just like I did. See pictures below

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Also  for those who don’t know what SantaCon is an annual gathering and l in which people dressed in Santa Claus costumes or as other Christmas characters parade the city of New York and other cities around the world. In retrospect, its just another reason to have fun and get drunk and have a good time

Here’s a video  created by CaseyNeistat talking to people who are attending SantaCon Check out how they are spending it in  NYC

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