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First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York Open

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Miss Mary Jane has made her way to New York City. It will be  the first cannabis dispensary open and located on East 14th Street between Second and Third avenues.

I have learned that Columbia Care, is the first lucky grower to be designated by New York state and will be up and running in Union Square.

I have to go check this out for myself!! PharmaCann in the Hunts Point, section of The Bronx and will serve other boroughs. Mean while in Queens, Empire State Health Solutions will open at the Queens Center Mall.

Bloomfield Industries has a growing facility in Long Island City as well, and will also dispense in Manhattan at an as-yet unidentified location.

Don’t think its as easy as walking in and making a purchase like you would in your local retail store, these facilities are only allowing a purchase of sale to those individuals who are NYS approved registered patients.

Patients  must register with the state Health Department, obtain a registration card and be certified by a state-approved physician before buying the pot.

All told, there are 150 doctors registered to prescribe marijuana, state records show. A mere 51 patients have been certified for the reefer.

Now I’m all for this movement, however, my question still remains; will you be arrested now for lighting up on NYC streets, even if you’re only carrying a small amount?.



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If you happen to be in the city and pass by and see the store comment below tell us about your experience

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2 Comments on First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York Open

  1. This is long overdue for those unfortunate people with glaucoma, cancer, and other ailments for whom other treatments just don’t work nor bring any comfort.

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  2. I agree however I think the steps you have to take just to get registered is a little drastic. I think the dispensaries are safer for people who need it especially for families who have sick children or who are sick themselves.


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