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I know you heard about the new trend scaling social media #WasteHisorHerTime2016 . . . . While many have chosen to leave pettiness in 2015, some have decided to let their petty legacies carry on into 2016. People are using hashtags #WasteHisTime2016 and #WasteHerTime2016 to share creative ways to end relationships before they start.

It’s 2016, and I swear I’m rolling my eyes like urgh! – #boybye #youaintshit #youcuteorwhatever #wastemytime. I know we’re all  feeling the same way, all in our feelings, thinking; this shit can’t be life.  But honestly, ask yourself why, it’smillions and millions of people in the world and why is it so hard to find someone who genuinely cares and is willing to commit to you.

It’s a new year to be exact it’s 2016 and I really believe that relationships in this day and age are geared at the benefit of both parties. No one gets into relationships with the hopes of this person being there forever; and truth be told that’s sad.

I remember when people fought for the sake of love. Nowadays it just seems like if you aren’t giving up the goods,  if you don’t have the money, or you and that individual don’t have the same mutual efforts the relationship is dead before it even starts.

Loyalty is constantly questionable! Theirs no loyalty because social media, cell phones, magazines and the entertainment world of society portrays the idea of love, relationships and commitment in a misconstrued way. Society today needs to understand the necessity that intimacy, communication, emotions, and listening  play in a relationship. It tears down barriers that create doubt, that causes gaps and excuses for one’s spouse to cheat.

So ladies and gentlemen lets gear up together to make relationships last let’s not be #WastingTimeIn2016.




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