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Are you Dabber or you Dabbin?



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So I know you heard of this a new  dance craze that has gone viral all over just about the world and to my knowledge people like to call this dance  “dabbin.” Before you scoff and say, “Yeah, I know what dabbing is, let me  clarify by saying that dabbing is no longer just, known for a different dosage of cannabis it is  now, a dance craze that’s overtaken the NaeNae, the Cat Daddy, the Harlem Shake. I don’t even think people remember what it was like to do the dance Chicken Noodle Soup.




@MileyCyrus in her Xmas Dabb Sweater Dabbing


I found this to be so funny because I believe all cannabis users can tell when another individual’s has used or is using or ever tried to use cannabis before.  For example, recently Seattle Seahawks Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were asked at a press conference, “Do either of you guys dab?” Because both athletes play in Washington state, where recreational cannabis is legal, their responses I found so amusing

Bennet Stated,”That’s illegal in, in…no, actually it’s legal in Washington!” While Avril laughed beside him kind of stuttered and  was trying to reassure his friend and press “It’s legal, it’s legal in Washington.”


One reporter had to clarify that he was referring the name ‘Dabbin” to  the dance move.

Bennet and Avril laughed out loud and responded in sync “Oh the DANCE move. I thought you was talking about…I don’t know, you said ‘dab’, I said, ‘I know that’s what the kids are doing but uh…” before addressing the “trendy dance” that happens to be the dab this year.

So I would like to call out my first PSA right here right here right now

Which one are you a Dabbing or Dabbin?

If you’re interested in learning more about dabbing then check out one of DD0pe favorite sites to do so. Leafly and if you happen to be in the area you can see if any Dispensaries have the dab of your choosing.

Happy dabbin’, everyone!

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1 Comment on Are you Dabber or you Dabbin?

  1. Personally I’ve never heard of “dabbing” to be used as cannabis. That’s news to me, but every now and I then I catch myself doing the dance.


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