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Beyonce Slay’s In Her Visual Anthem

“Is Beyoncé getting ratchet for us or nah ?”

Definitely !! However, I appreciate Beyonce stepping out her comfort zone to conform to the norms of society and I know y’all notice how ratchet society is looking. “If you aren’t acting ratchet, then you’re definitely not popping!!!

On Saturday, Beyoncé released her new song “Formation,” which she also performed at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show. It’s been nearly a year and a half since Beyoncé has come out with a new single. The song ‘Formation” is in suite with Beyonce’s stance on self-affirmation and power. This is probably the first politically direct song that she has done, but child is she sending a positive message, despite the haters. ” If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t popp’n” – and that’s the truth. For every adverse opinion is someone standing in line with their hand raised disagreeing. I applaud Beyoncé for standing up for what she believes despite whatever backlash she might receive. But these haters aren’t ready for #BeyHive. They’re always buzzing waiting for that lurking hater!

Despite the video itself showing implicit commentaries on police brutality, the adverse effects of Hurricane Katrina and the financial power of African Americans. She blends aesthetics with political ideas in such a uniform way.  Bey wants the world to know that she is still grounded, she’s paying attention and she still has some hood in her bones. The video itself simultaneously reflects Beyonce and her intriguing way to send a message to the world, ratchet and all her message had direct visuals, clever lyrics and portrayed a narrative.

The song ” Formation,” however, isn’t just about society, and the police brutality it’s a message against the black culture and its standards or beauty and history.

So I’m with Bey  – – – I SLAY (OKAY) !!! I support her getting in touch with her roots so let’s all get in formation and SLAY.

  check out the video below . . . .



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