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The Truth About the Hoe Phase !

It’s usually  a time when you’re with your girls and the “HOE’ topic has come up… Girl, I’ve only slept with two guys or girls, I’ve only slept with 5 but I have a couple bodies that don’t count. Nonetheless, every woman has been a  “HOE” at some point in their life. Yes, even mama was probably throwing it back at one point or another. Welp! Sorry to crush you good ole memories of mama.  A hoe phase is a  phase in a woman’s life where she experiments and gets to know herself sexually. It’s justly a period of time where she’s ultimately exploring her sexual freedoms. Women have always dealt with the double standard. The mentality and ideas that women aren’t supposed to be promiscuous.  Basically, if you had hoe tendencies back in the day you were either a prostitute or you kept your promiscuous behavior on the hush hush.

However, times have changed the ideas of sex has evolved and women have become pawns to the double standard. Women are now allowed to be promiscuous it’s no longer shamed upon. Women are allowed to display promiscuous behavior in music, movies, magazines,etc. As the idea of sex evolves into acceptable behavior. It’s almost as if men accept hoes but still have a problem making her his wife. Unfortunately, not in today’s times, there have been countless women who society would consider to be a “hoe” who have been wifed up. For example, Kim Kardashian famous, & Blacc Chyna off a sex tape, shrugs!! – times have definitely changed. It was a time when men wanted to believe that their wife’s  hoe report was flawless, they wanted to believe that it was just hoes being hoes, not baeeee.


That ideology is complete bullshit the hoe phase is a natural part of the transition process for a woman and it’s OK to embrace it.  There is honestly no escaping it so it’s better to equip yourself with some tools you can use and get it over with than to end up having it when you’re somebody’s wife or even worse someone’s mother. It was a point in time when the ‘HOE’ phase was during a  women’s college years. The time when a little double dick sucking, threesomes and  drunk reckless nights were still deemed acceptable as long as she walked across that stage with a degree intact.

 However, nowadays women aren’t even waiting for college some of them are throwing it back in elementary and middle school. Exploring there freaky-side before they even understand the idea of respect or responsibility. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you have the women that were in a rush to grow up and settle down and skipped their hoe phase.

These are those “Stella” type of bitches, I know you recall the movie. These are the types that usually marry their high school sweetheart, in such a rush to grow up. Usually, they have kids shortly after high school only to end up divorced going through a middle age crisis. Now  your divorce ready to experience life – going out partying and being wild while your friends are retiring their hoe streaks, getting married and settling down. Now your that old hoe in the club and on social media, I know you know the types, competing with these young hoes for relevancy. You pushing 40 in the club trying to twerk, talking about PatronSundays next week. Like really please sit yo old ass down somewhere, retire them old ass lace panties and go pack yo kids lunch for tomorrow. Those are usually the worse type of hoes. Like have some respect and self-restraint, your time has retired. Middle Aged Hoeism is never acceptable or a good look.


 For a woman dealing with her “Hoe Phase,self-esteem” it’s always important to respect yourself. Many women have self-esteem which leads them to lack self-respect. Usually, when a female has self-esteem issues and, going through her”hoe” phase, she might :

Have sex with multiple partners; for acceptance, for love and to feel wanted. Many times this is counterproductive , cause in the end there usually being used just for sex, which can actually hurt one’s self-esteem more. Never doing anything off the strength of wanting to be accepted or loved. Don’t confuse a lousy lay with the ideas of love. 

The woman going through a hoe phase  doesn’t become exempt from becoming pregnant or catching an STD because, though you are feeling a little promiscuous. It’s your responsibility to ensure your safety and the outcome of every situation. 

((Preventive Situation)) Bam! Now you 3 months pregnant and your guy is saying that isn’t his baby. You want to know why he’s saying this why this is happening ?! why?!   he thought you were a hoe anyways.  Truth be told it’s your fault and now it’s your responsibility to raise that child alone. Learn to take proper precautions when you’re passing out your cookies. Use restraint Be smart your cookies ain’t for everybody, literal speaking !

You sometimes have to go through a lot of the wrong types of people to find the right one, but I promise you that when you are least expecting it, the perfect person will come along.

In case, you forget his name you can use the general:: Tom, Dick, and Harry !

Hoe Phase Over . . . . N Out!





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