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Hardest Part of Pumping in the Work Place 

I was randomly asked if I had stopped pumping because a fellow employee of mine was still going. I was then chastised and told that it was too early to give up and that my kid will lack nutrients. I was insulted and offended that my choice was not understood.breastfeeding-baby-black-hair-small_1

Being a first time mom. Many had voiced their views on breast feeding. A lot of them said the same things, “It bonds a mother and child together, it makes the baby less prone to illness and it is way cheaper than buying formula.”

After my son came, I tried breastfeeding him. He wouldn’t latch on  but, I was determined to make sure that he had the “liquidly goodness” that was needed. I did not want his birthweight to drop and be looked upon as an awful mother.

So My son  and I tried and tried to get into the rhythm until we couldn’t do it anymore and opted for pumping! That was our golden savior. I was pumping out 5oz on each breast every time. I was overcome with joy on how I was able to feed and support my baby. I expressed to my husband that I would like to pump up until My son was 6 months old; he agreed 100%.

As work was drawing closer and closer, I was becoming more and more apprehensive about my journey with pumping. Moreover, how was I going to continue pumping since my work station was a cubicle? I quickly put that thought out of my head and enjoyed my precious time with my Panda.


A day before I was scheduled to work, I prepped myself on how I was going to pump. I worked on the hours ,I was to pump and most importantly, where I was going to pump. The next day when I came in to work, the fun loving atmosphere that I had grown to love.  I was informed that the temps we had hired were on the verge of being permanent employees. I was being “promoted” and I would have a station to pump.

Side Bar: My HR department never had to create a room for nursing mothers since everyone who was pregnant had an office. They just simply closed their door and pumped.

Since I was stationed in a cubicle, I was informed by HR to find an empty room for a day while Facilities created a pumping station for me, and now here I was searching the entire office, seeing if there was an empty room I could use.

I asked Sally, who had an empty office next door if I could use the empty room while Facilities created a pumping station for me. Sally immediately shut me down.

Seeing the total disgust on my face, my boss offered her office to me. (To me, that seemed a little unfair. I did not want to put anyone out of their office.)

I was determined to pump! My Hail Mary was using HR’s conference room for that day. I practically begged to use that room. Finally, HR let me use the room. As I was pumping, I received a text message from first my coworker. She told me that my boss was looking for me. I replied that I was pumping. I received another text message from another coworker informing me that my boss was looking for me. Frustrated, I packed up my stuff and went back upstairs. I informed my boss that HR let me use their room since facilities was still setting up my room. My boss informed me that she wanted me to be near my desk. She understood I had just came back and wanted to see my friends but work came first. She then informed me that I have to tell her the times I wanted to pump and to make sure it did not interrupt the flow of work. Also, she told me that I would have to accommodate the temp that was covering for me.


Over the next couple of weeks, work was more like a place I regretted attending. My boss was no longer giving me work; it was all going to the temp. I would come into work and rush to pump for fear she assumed I was talking to others. The temp was always rushing me or seemed to have an attitude when I went. I was even told I couldn’t pump at the hour I requested because my temp goes to lunch at that time.  My supply was so low that I just gave up pumping. I had to opt for formula.options-bottle-baby-mom

According to Breast feeding and pumping: 7 tips for Success, Stress can hinder your body’s natural ability to release breast milk.

Who in their right mind would want to give their infant milk that came from a stressed out mother? Who would want to harm their child like that? Why is it in this society, formula is frowned upon. I would rather have a strong growing baby than a baby that was sick due to me being stressed out.


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