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HelloFresh Delivery Review May 2017

The Stoners Cookbook : Tropical Smoothie

My biggest pet peeve is figuring out what i want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially when my spouse and I get home from work, starving, but can’t decide what want to eat for dinner!
My boyfriend and I order out, roughly around two to three times a week. We also had all the apps. Uber eats.

Grub Hub, Seamless, you name it. However it was becoming too expensive to maintain, and we were never really satisfied. We would spend about thirty minutes or so on our phones, searching for what we wanted, after we finally decided we would have to wait another thirty minutes for the food to arrive, or we were about to have a mini road trip to the nearest restaurant.
I would talk to my friends about their cooking routines and I couldn’t wrap my head around planning what I wanted to cook for the week, and actually having to go to the grocery store and meal prep for the week. For me, it just wasn’t working. My mom even told me just to wing it, which means take some meat add some seasoning pop in the oven and let magic happen! Magic blew up in my face.

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that lets you cook simple, pre-planned recipes at home without having to hit the grocery store. (Do I smell a win?!) 

The first of three recipes in our box was simple to prepare and simply delicious: We chose the Creamy Pasta Chicken. Soy Marinated Steak, and the Sriracha Turkey Burgers; The Winning meal, however, was the creamy pasta chicken for me, and for my boyfriend, he loved the  Turkey burgers, both meals I had so much fun cooking.

A deliciously fresh, home-cooked meal in less than 30 minutes!

I can’t express how fulfilled I felt from prep to plating to eating. It was super easy (there were only six steps clearly listed for us), and it was satisfying for more than just our tummies, making it a meal to remember. However please note that these meals leave no room for leftovers. When you select your household size, it is portioned to just that in my opinion. my family likes to eat 🙂 although this is a great way to start doing something for our bodies and our minds rather than bingeing on chips and soda.

HelloFresh motivates me to cook 3 meals a week with and for my boyfriend and has been great practice for me. Not only am I preparing food for just the two of us, but also practising my skills so I can impress my friends and family.

Here’s how it works: when you sign up, select the number you’ll be cooking for and your dietary preferences. I subscribe to the 2-Person Plan, which gets me a large box each week each with 3 inventive meals delivered to our door.  You can also opt to skip shipments, which is easy to do on their site or app and can cancel at any time. 

We now eat at the table like adults and found a way to spend quality time together. This not only helped us decided what we want to eat but also to get back to spending time, eating at the table and enjoying ourselves. 

Interested in signing up or trying HelloFresh use my code DLESLIE and you will receive $40 off your first box!

Comment down below and share your experience!

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